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Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife With Leather Sheath

Damascus Dagger Knife With Razor-Sharp Precision

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

American Phantom Blade Army Custom Folding Knife

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Prowler Defense Throwing Knives Set (12-Piece), Black

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Knife With Wood Handle

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Handmade D2 Survival Bushcraft Adventure Knife

Sinful Spiked Bowie Knife

Sinful Spiked Bowie Knife With Nylon Sheath Embrace The Edge

Compact EDC Nitro-V Drop Point Blade Tactical Folding Knife

Razor-Sharp Katana Sword With Hand Painted Scabbard

Knights Templar Historical Swords

Knights Templar Historical Swords By Archaic Arms

European Medieval Decorative Sword Scabbard Included

Swords - Blade Bargains

Samurai Sword Demon Slayer Nichirin Blade - Muichiro Tokito

Cleaver Demon War Handmade Carbon Steel Sword

High Carbon Steel Katana Japanese Samurai Sword

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Dragon Slayer Damascus Steel Medieval Sword By Archaic Arms

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Dragonblade Cybernetic Warrior Steel Game Katana Genji Sword


Just received my Knife
Everything was great ,service was awesome, and the knife was awesome, liked the handle smooth opening ,and was very sharp,awesome purchase

Blown Away
I took a small chance on this one and I was blown away. This knife is built tough and looks great. I went the extra mile and had the name of my business engraved on the blade just for cool as the both the gun and knife will be displayed on my wall. The bayonet and the engraving were great. I’ll be ordering another just like it along with a few others tomorrow evening. If you’re thinking about buying it DO IT…but wait until I do 1st. They really are that good and priced ridiculously low. Excellent deal!!

From 1974-1993 and got recalled 2003-2007 I was with USMC Force Recon and I know knives. This Rambo Heartstopper is NO TOY. I wish I had this back in the day. I AM AMAZED…perfectly balanced, a true Combat weapon and would recommend we issue this as a Combat knife. Any SF Operator would be thrilled to have this to compliment his Warbelt. No Toy!!! nd note: BudK is a company that is a respected Dealer of fine quality of quality knives and weapons. Semper Fi Major Mac Butler USMC Force Recon Ret.

Marine Corps Custom Knife

This is the 3rd year that we have purchased a custom engraved knife for our Grandson. His collection is growing beautifully because of the top quality knives we’ve purchased from Blade Bargains. Your custom engraving allows us to give him top quality knives that couldn’t be purchased anywhere else. Your product quality, accurate customization, timely shipping and very fair pricing is a home run to us Grandparents. We sincerely appreciate your selection and service. We have no need to shop elsewhere for our Grandson’s gifts, or for other products we find regularly at Blade bargains. Thank you and Happy Independence Day

Beautiful piece of art
This dagger looked interesting so I ordered one for my collection. When I received it and opened it I was blown away at the beauty and craftsmanship of this dagger. Within 2 minutes I said to myself I want another one of these so I ordered one more. The pictures of this in the catalog do not do it justice and I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed