Blade Bargains offers high-quality swords at affordable prices. Shop our selection of Katana, Fantasy, Medieval, Historical, and movie swords like The Lord of the Rings. Find your perfect blade today!

Razor-Sharp Katana Sword With Hand Painted Scabbard

Knights Templar Historical Swords

Knights Templar Historical Swords By Archaic Arms

European Medieval Decorative Sword Scabbard Included

Swords - Blade Bargains

Samurai Sword Demon Slayer Nichirin Blade - Muichiro Tokito

Cleaver Demon War Handmade Carbon Steel Sword

High Carbon Steel Katana Japanese Samurai Sword

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Dragon Slayer Damascus Steel Medieval Sword By Archaic Arms

Blade Bargains - Knives & Swords at Lowest Prices!

Dragonblade Cybernetic Warrior Steel Game Katana Genji Sword

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Blade Bargains presents an extensive array of top-tier stainless steel and T10 steel swords, boasting razor-sharp edges, alongside meticulously crafted Damascus steel swords of museum-grade caliber. Our repertoire encompasses a spectrum of styles including Katana, Fantasy, Medieval, Historical, and movie swords, catering to the preferences of every aficionado. Dive into our assortment and uncover the ideal sword for your collection or showcase. With a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and a passion for delivering unparalleled quality, Blade Bargains stands as your premier destination for exceptional swords that marry artistry with functionality. Explore, acquire, and elevate your blade collection with us.

Swords FAQ'S

To maintain the sharpness of your sword, we recommend using a sharpening stone or a honing rod. Carefully follow the angle of the blade while sharpening for optimal results.

Yes, our swords are crafted not only for functional use but also for display. Many of our pieces feature intricate designs and detailing, making them perfect for showcasing in your collection.

We have a huge selection of swords! We carry Katana, Fantasy, Medieval, Historical, Samurai, and movie swords

Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries. Please check our shipping policy for detailed information on delivery times and costs to your location.


Photos from reviews

Almost perfect right out of the Box~!
Straight blade, no waves, reasonably sharp blade for shipping purposes, well packaged, delivered early, well balanced, nice sheath, good grip. I am always surprised by the quality that Blade bargain provides for a fair price. I’m no wunderkind when it comes to blades but I like better than average quality, and BLADE bargains got it. Try one, you’ll like it~!

I personally did not like sword canes until my wife got this. I must say that the design and feel are much more than I thought a sword cane could offer. I’m a larger person and the cane is comfortable in use and the blade is solid as well. Well done.

RAMBO Quality of Product
his Blade is Exceptional, as is all Honshu blades, well made. I have several Honshu knives, swords, machetes, weapons… I will continue to buy these particular blades because of their Quality, Durability, Design, Look, Feel.

What a beautiful steal
This sword is absolutely gorgeous! Everything externally is perfect and pretty and the blade and more so. Paper cutting sharp as well. Amazing sword especially for the price. First product and definitely not disappointed. Thanks Blade bargains!

Excellent weapon
This sword came much sharper than I expected, and is extremely tough. I was actually able to cleave another sword clean in half without it so much as scratching the paint. I highly recommend this weapon.